Mobile Signal
Award winning kits for boosting a weak mobile signal

Corporate Solutions provides technological communication solutions that increase the signal strength of mobile devices to businesses both in the UK and overseas.

Our line of Mini-Cell Tower product solutions (typically referred to as our MCT product series) are applicable for commercial business parks, condominiums, property management firms, colleges, universities, hotels, resorts, hospitals, medical research laboratories, industrial complexes, and many other industry segments.

The Company's skilled engineers have proven expertise in a wide array of industry installations and are able to customise solutions for any needed application.


Entertainment & Hospitality

Entertainment and Hospitality Guests and patrons of facilities such as hotels, resorts, and casinos anticipate that, even away from home, they will have access to the communication they have become accustomed to in their daily lives.


It is important for these facilities to provide these amenities in order to ensure satisfaction for their clientele. Providing reliable and extensive mobile coverage throughout grounds that support a variety of wireless providers can make certain that guests' needs are being met throughout their stay.


Hospital and Medical Research Facilities

Hospital and Medical Research Facilities  Medical research laboratories and hospitals are among the leaders technology advancement.


However, materials sometimes used in the construction and maintenance of certain edifices impacts signal strength. We are able to provide coverage to all areas of these buildings without interfering with the medical equipment that is so essential in these facilities.


Communication and other mobile applications are vital to the employees and the customers in this critical operating environment.


Universities/Educational Institutions

Universities/Educational Institutions Educational facilities have become larger and more expansive over time. Often spreading out over large campuses made up of multiple buildings including lecture halls, laboratories, dining halls, and dormitories, the ability to connect has become more crucial than ever.


Students and faculty alike depend on wireless coverage more than ever to stay technologically connected for information, comfort, and safety. We are able to provide the coverage needed for campuses large or small.


Corporate Business Parks

Corporate Business Parks  Today's corporate business parks are becoming more elaborate than ever.


With enhanced design and construction material elements, however, communications signal integrity is sometimes overlooked. Our MCT product solution set can extend out over several hundred acres, making sure that you have the adequate signal needed for executives and colleagues alike throughout the complex to conduct business transactions in a seamless manner.


Never worry about data connection and voice call problems again, Mobile Signal has you covered.


Condominiums/Property Management Firms

Property management firms and condominium associations alike can greatly benefit their tenants and owners by utilizing our Mini-Cell TowerTM corporate solutions to increase the mobile signal strength of their properties.


We install solutions buildings as high as 70 stories and properties spanning hundreds of acres. By having top-of-the line communications capabilities, you'll ensure clients remain happy and increase profitability.