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A mobile booster is a simple device that can greatly aid the transmission and reception of mobile phone data. Geographical factors, atmospheric fluctuations, structural differences and crowd density all contribute towards mobile phone signals going up and down, often resulting in poor quality of calls.

Why use a mobile booster?

With the ever increasing use and need of mobile phones in our daily lives, users want to make sure they get the best reception out of their devices that they can. Mobile phones transmit data through the use of telecommunication signals or waves. These waves are generally transmitted  through the use of antennas or receptors, commonly seen as large towers or pillars. Although these towers have quite a large transmission range, generally ranging from a few to several hundred meters, signals can sometimes get lost over the distance it takes to go from one tower to another. When these signals get lost, you get what is termed as 'weak' reception. You find the sound levels of your call fluctuating, the sound quality getting weak or varied and you might also find the audio cutting off completely from time to time. To fix these inconsistencies that may arise due to bad reception, a mobile booster can be used.


How are mobile signals lost?

The reason mobile signals are lost in the first place varies from place to place. Generally, it happens when some large obstacle comes in the way of the transmission wave, much as an  obstacle would cause hindrance for another moving object. At other times, the strength of a signal is lost depending on the medium it travels through. If the path of travelling is clear open space then your signal probably will not suffer as much, but if there are many buildings and windows for it to travel through, you will probably find that you have lower call reception. A Mobile booster can also help in sorting out interference from other mobile phone signals that can mix with your desired signals, giving that familiar phenomenon of hearing someone else's phone call transposed on your own.

At other times, you might feel your call reception suffers even within roughly the same range of a building, depending on its construction. For example, mobile users often report poorer signals in basement offices or in rooms constructed well above ground level. These users can also benefit from installing a mobile booster in their building or room.

How does a mobile booster work?

How mobile boosters work is simple enough. The mobile booster picks up on the signal or wave that it wants to 'boost' or amplify. By amplifying the mobile signal, the calls will be clearer,  and you will have stronger reception. Signal amplifying works both ways, during transmitting a call and receiving it. How much a mobile booster can amplify the signal vary from booster to booster, but generally one booster installed per building or area should be sufficient enough for your purposes. For longer distances, one or several mobile boosters can be installed in succession. A mobile booster obviously does not cost as much as a full reception tower would cost, and so it remains economical in the long run, even if several are installed at once.

A mobile booster is a very small device, but it is one that can provide tremendous benefit. If you find you have weak reception or a great amount of interference in your calls, there is no doubt that you should look into whether your signals are strong enough to get fully intercepted. In case you find they are lagging, you can either boost your signals directly or you can look into getting a reception device with greater sensitivity.


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Why do I lose a signal strength when I am indoors?

Signal strength is often lost within a building due to construction materials such as metal, concrete or wood that absorb the GSM signal.

However the most common problem for low mobile signal is how far your home or office is from a mobile basestation. This is why rurial areas suffer the worst.


Where can I use my mobile booster?

Mobile Boosters can be used in most locations where you have a power supply.


How do boosters work & what are mobile boosters?

A mobile booster magnifies the signal sent by a network mast. With each repeater, 2 aerials are attached with one placed at the closest point to where a signal can be obtained, (this is usually outside or by a window) and the other within the area where you need the increased signal.


Can a signal booster always help my signal?

If you experience any lack of signal, dropped calls or poor quality, then you have a problem with a reduced signal and a booster can help.

Mobile boosters can also improve signals for text messaging, 3G, broadband as well as WAP and other cellular functions along with mobile phone battery life.


How do I install a mobile booster?

Mobile Boosters are simple to install. There is no technical knowledge required and each kit contains everything you need to know to install your mobile booster and improve your signal strength.


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