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A mobile phone booster is your answer to weak or no mobile phone signal


Most of us beleive being about to make and receive phone call is basic modern life necessity. It is therefore very frustrating when you can hardly hear the caller, your call drops out or worse still they can't hear a word you're saying.


If you ever find yourself rushing upstairs or to that section of the house that is known for having that lonely bar of signal, or precariously standing on a chair waving your phone around frantically to send a simple txt then put simply, you need a mobile phone booster in your life.


Low or no mobile phone signal is not uncommon, it's caused by a number of factors, the main one being you're simply too far away from the nearest mobile phone mast. A signal booster will help by colleting a signal from a wide area then ampitying what it's collects into your property. With a mobile phone booster you can put to an end dropped calls, increase signal range and remove dead zones.


A mobile phone booster will enhance the ability of the mobile phone to connect to its network, even in times of dense network traffic or with geographical obstructions in the way.


A booster is sold as a complete kit containing a small booster unit and external antenna. A mobile signal booster is also referred to as a repeater or wired amplifier. The boosters are capable of increasing signal strength with up to 300%. One antenna is installed outdoors which collects the GSM signal, this is connected to a smaller booster which is placed indoors, this amplifies and re-broadcasts the GSM signal it collected from outside.


The kit contains everything you need to get up and running. Installaion is simple to do yourself by following the easy step by step instrucions provided.
Even in places with good reception, you will find that signal strength reduces significantly when you get indoors, this is due to the walls of the building which are normally made of concrete, metal or wood and tend to absorb or reflect mobile phone frequency signals.


A mobile phone booster has no limits provided there is power, they alow you to make and recive unintrupted calls, enhances text messaging, 4G, 3G, WAP and also ensures that the phone battery lasts longer.


With a mobile phone booster insalled you'll have 5 bars guaranteed. In case you assume that you need several boosters for the various models of phones in your household, then you will be pleased to know that a single booster works for all models of handsets. The only thing that matters is the network you're using. It's worth noting that a dual or Tri-band will cover most if not all networks.


We take great pride in customer satisfaction, and it is important to note that you will have access to only high quality boosters complete with a CE certificate. Cheap boosters may look like a great bargain, but they fail sooner rather than later. In case of any defects, our technicians will be glad to assist you and even offer a replacement. You also have a full 15 day money back guarantee and one years warranty.

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