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5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Signal Boosters To Solve The Problem Of Poor Mobile Phone Reception

Ever found yourself pulling your hair in frustration because of poor mobile phone reception?

You may have taken an important call but the bad signal quality made the connection choppy and full of static noise. You may have tried to call one of your contacts to deliver an important message, but the poor mobile phone reception disconnected the call before it was even completed. Worse, you may have succeeded in calling your contact, but the poor network coverage resulted in a dropped call.

Poor mobile phone reception is indeed very annoying, and it can even cause complications in cases where you have to make very important calls, and you have to make them fast.

But poor mobile phone reception is an unavoidable issue because of frequently congested networks as well as areas that are too remote to receive serviceable network coverage.

Thankfully, mobile signal boosters have been invented to drastically improve your mobile phone reception, regardless of the number of mobile phone users who are simultaneously using your telecommunications service, and regardless of the quality of the network coverage received by your area.

Mobile signal boosters are the perfect solution for problems caused by poor mobile phone reception. These mobile signal boosters - which are also known as cellular repeaters - serve as powerful amplifiers that will immediately boost your cell phone reception to make your wireless phone experience smoother, more enjoyable, and more reliable.

A mobile signal booster set comes with 2 components. First is an antenna that you can install outside your house so that it can collect signals transmitted by your mobile service provider. Second is an amplifier unit that you can set up inside your house so that it can rebroadcast the strengthened signal collected outside.

Once the set is assembled, you can start to enjoy continuous, unhampered mobile phone reception within the range of the amplifier unit.

There are many benefits in using these cellular phone repeaters:

1. Instant boost to the strength of your signal. You can enjoy clearer connections with crystal clear voice reception and very minimal static noise, if there will be any. Placing calls will be more dependable, and you won't have to worry about disconnections before a call is picked up or while communicating with the person at the other end of the line.

2. Save up on the battery life of your mobile phone. Every time your mobile phone unit searches for a signal, it consumes battery charge. If your cell phone is always looking for a signal because of poor mobile phone reception, it will continue to drain its battery. With a mobile signal booster, you'll be able to extend your battery life by as much as 400%.

3. Less radiation emitted by your cellular phone unit. When your cellular phone tries to look for a signal because of poor mobile phone reception, it emits radiation. Prolonged exposure to this type of radiation has been cited as the cause for the development of brain tumor, lower sperm count, and other medical issues in some users. With a mobile signal booster, your phone won't have to work overtime just to find a stable signal, hence, it will emit less radiation, making your home safer for you and your loved ones.

4. Lower mobile phone bills. Since you will get to enjoy crystal clear connections all the time, you will encounter less dropped calls and you won't have to spend more time in talking to the other party as you won't have to ask him or her to repeat what he or she said, and vice versa. These may just save you a few seconds per call, but in the long run, those seconds will pile up into minutes, and those minutes will pile up into hours of savings resulting in significantly lower mobile phone expenses.

5. Perfectly portable. Many mobile signal boosters today are built in a way that you can actually set them up anywhere you desire. Whether you want to enjoy stronger signal reception in your car, home or your workplace, or even in a resort you're planning to visit come the holidays, a mobile signal booster can easily be assembled for these various places. Furthermore, because a mobile signal booster is not tied up to any kind of service for a fixed area, you can bring it anywhere and set it up wherever you please.

Indeed, mobile signal boosters are the answer to poor mobile phone reception. These cellular repeater units can actually be described as your very own telecommunications tower that utilise cutting edge technology to make their parts smaller and the entire setup more transportable.

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Why do I lose a signal strength when I am indoors?

Signal strength is often lost within a building due to construction materials such as metal, concrete or wood that absorb the GSM signal.

However the most common problem for low mobile signal is how far your home or office is from a mobile basestation. This is why rurial areas suffer the worst.

Where can I use my booster?

Signal repeaters can be used in most locations where you have a power supply.

How do boosters work & what are mobile signal boosters?

A mobile signal booster magnifies the signal sent by a network mast. With each repeater, 2 aerials are attached with one placed at the closest point to where a signal can be obtained, (this is usually outside or by a window) and the other within the area where you need the increased signal.

Can a signal booster always help my signal?

If you experience any lack of signal, dropped calls or poor quality, then you have a problem with a reduced signal and a booster can help.

Mobile boosters can also improve signals for text messaging, 3G, broadband as well as WAP and other cellular functions along with mobile phone battery life.

How do I install a signal booster?

Signal repeaters are simple to install. There is no technical knowledge required and each kit contains everything you need to know to install your repeater and improve your signal strength.


3g antennas

3g antennas

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Mobile Phone Coverage

Our mobile boosters are great for boosting your mobile phone signal but it's also worth knowing what network can offer you the best coverage in your area, here is our handy guide to mobile phone coverage.

How do I check mobile phone coverage in my area?

Mobile phone coverage varies widely in the UK. Its vital to check the mobile network coverage in your area before you buy, particularly if you plan to regularly use your mobile phone at home. Each mobile phone operator offers a network coverage checker on their website.

By simply typing in your home or work postcode you can find out how strong each networks coverage is in your area.

Click on the logos below to go directly to the coverage checker for each network.

Virgin Mobile Coverage
3 Mobile Coverage
Vodafone Coverage
EE Coverage
Orange Coverage
O2 Coverage

Top tips for checking coverage at home:


1. Check the coverage checkers above to see what quality coverage the networks claim for your home and workplace.

2. Check with your friends and neighbours to see which mobile networks give them good coverage in your area.

3. The ultimate test for your mobile network coverage would be to test a phone in your house. You could hold a mobile network coverage party, inviting one friend per mobile network round for a few drinks light snacks then when nobody turns up you can softly cry yourslef to sleep.

4. Alternatively, why not buy PAYG SIMs for your preferred networks and test £5 worth of calls in the locations where you will use your mobile phone the most - home and work (you presumably have a couple of deals in mind!)

5. Dont forget that different phones have different strengths of reception so buy online and use the distance selling act to cancel your contract and return your phone within 7 days if the coverage is not good enough.

Use Free SIMs to check coverage!

All the mobile operators offer free SIMs. This is the perfect way to test the real mobile network coverage you would get by switching operators.

Why not take advantage of this to test the coverage in your area with?



Why does mobile phone coverage vary?

Good quality mobile phone coverage is vital when choosing the best mobile phone deal. Phone coverage varies by mobile operator as they each operate their own phone masts in different locations.

For example, whilst you may have fantastic Orange coverage at home you may find that the T-Mobile signal is weak.If you are thinking of changing your mobile phone operator you should definitely check the coverage of the networks you are considering before you buy rather than have the hassle of cancelling your contract and returning your phone.

Will mobile phone coverage change in the future?

There are deals being struck between some of the mobile phone operators to share their networks but for the time being mobile phone coverage will be different for each different provider. For instance, T-Mobile and 3 share some masts to help improve mobile phone and mobile broadband coverage for both parties but its unclear whether this is in place now or planned for roll out over the next few years. Its unlikely that all the phone providers will ever all share the same masts.

Virgin Mobile Coverage
3 Mobile Coverage
Vodafone Coverage
EE Coverage
Orange Coverage
O2 Coverage

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