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Mobile repeater

Most mobile phone users will experience problems with their network coverage at some point, however there is a solution to this problem.A mobile repeater will boost your signal to full from the moment it's truned on.


So how do mobile repeaters work?

The mobile repeater consists of two main parts, a small external amplifier which is connected to a discrete internal rebroadcast antenna. The mobile repeater simply rebroadcasts and amplifies mobile signal it collects inside a building.

mobile repeater

Once the mobile repeater is switched on there will be no more dropped calls, no risking life and limb climbing ontop of the garden shed to try and get a scrap of signal and no more repeating "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? for the first ten minutes of the call. They are simple to set up and the results are instant.


A mobile repeater will not only boost weak signals in offices or houses but they can all also be converted to vehicle boosters with the click of a button.


The first thing you need to do is find the right kit for you, you need to choose the right mobile repeater for your network and how much coverage you need. So if you're on EE, Virgin, Tmobile or Orange then you'll need an 1800GSM kit. But if you're on O2, BT or Vodafone then you'll need a 900GSM kit. You can also get multiple network boosters that will cover all networks at once. The last thing to decide is how much coverage you need, most people are fine with the basic 250 sq m kit, which will cover one or two rooms, but some people would rather a more powerful kit. The more you spend the more powerful the kit in the general rule of thumb.


Why is my signal bad?


There are a number of factors that result in a weak mobile phone signal, the most common is the simple fact you're too far away from the nearest network basestation.

The frequency the basestaion transmits is too weak for your phones internal antenna. Other common factors are thick walls, even the building size plays a role because the taller the building, the lower the signal reception. Luckily all of these problems can be solved with a mobile repeater.

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Reception booster kit unboxing

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Why do I lose a signal strength when I am indoors?

Signal strength is often lost within a building due to construction materials such as metal, concrete or wood that absorb the GSM signal.

However the most common problem for low mobile signal is how far your home or office is from a mobile basestation. This is why rurial areas suffer the worst.


Where can I use my Mobile Repeater?

Mobile repeaters can be used in most locations where you have a power supply.


How do mobile repeaters work & what are mobile repeaters?

A mobile repeater magnifies the signal sent by a network mast. With each repeater, 2 aerials are attached with one placed at the closest point to where a signal can be obtained, (this is usually outside or by a window) and the other within the area where you need the increased signal.


Can a mobile repeater always help my signal?

If you experience any lack of signal, dropped calls or poor quality, then you have a problem with a reduced signal and a mobile repeater can help.

Mobile repeaters can also improve signals for text messaging, 3G, broadband as well as WAP and other cellular functions along with mobile phone battery life.


How do I install a mobile repeater?

Mobile repeaters are simple to install. There is no technical knowledge required and each kit contains everything you need to know to install your mobile repeater and improve your signal strength.