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All our mobile signal boosters are quality assured and come with a full money back gurantee. We do not beleive in selling substandard, cheap devices that have no CE certificate.
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Mobile Signal Boosters

Mobile Signal Boosters also known as Mobile Repeaters work by simply installing one antenna outside (Simply walk around the outside of your home holding your mobile phone, where you get most signal is where you will need to install the mobile repater) you then simply connect this to another small antenna inside the property, this will re-broadcast and amplify the signal captured from outside giving you a huge boost in your mobile phone reception. 

The results are instant and the kit comes with everything you'll need along with easy to follow installation instructions.

 As GSM mobile networks either operate on 900, 1800MHz (GSM) or 2100MHz (UMTS/3G), you need to choose a repeater that will work with your mobile network (choose from below). However, if you want to cover all networks, you can always opt for a multiband repeater, but these tend to be a little more expensive.


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Virgin Mobile Boosters
Mobile phone signal boosters for Virgin Mobile
T-Mobile Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile phone signal boosters for the T-Mobile network
O2 Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile Signal Boosters for the O2 network
Orange Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile phone signal boosters for the Orange network
Vodafone Mobile Repeaters
Mobile phone signal boosters for the Vodafone network
Multiple Network Boosters
Mobile phone signal boosters for every network
3 Mobile Signal Boosters
Mobile phone signal boosters for the 3 network
Mobile phone signal boosters for the EE network
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Why do I lose a signal strength when I am indoors?

Signal strength is often lost within a building due to construction materials such as metal, concrete or wood.


Signal strength can also be lost due to the number of windows, density of walls or building height. Additionally, a signal can also be lost by its geographical location relative to the closest mobile signal mast.


Where can I use my booster?

Signal boosters / repeaters can be used in most locations where you have a power supply.


How do booster or repeaters work & what are Mobile Signal Boosters?

A Mobile Signal Repeater magnifies the signal sent by a network mast. With each booster, 2 aerials are attached with one placed at the closest point to where a signal can be obtained, (this is usually outside or by a window) and the other within the area where you need the increased signal.


Can a signal booster always help my signal?

If you experience any lack of signal, dropped calls or poor quality, then you have a problem with a reduced signal.


Mobile Signal Boosters can also improve signals for text messaging, 3G, broadband as well as WAP and other cellular functions.


Please note that a mobile booster cannot produce a signal in an area where there is absolutely no reception. However a repeater can amplify a very poor signal to a strong signal.

How do I install a signal booster?

Signal boosters are simple to install. There is no technical knowledge required and each kit contains everything you need to know to install your mobile signal booster and improve your signal strength.


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