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Quick start guide.

 Firstly, it might be worth us explaining the reason why you're suffering low signal in the first place.
The main cause is that your property may be too far away from a GSM basestation which job is to broadcast a GSM signal or ‘mobile phone signal’ The result of being too far away from one of these basestations will result in your mobile phone not receiving enough frequency waves (or GSM signal) to make or receive stable calls.

You may find some sweet spots around the property where the signal can reach but running to the other side of a house to take or make a call sort of defeats the purpose of having a mobile phone in the first place.
So how can we help? Well our kits consist of two small parts, a tiny antenna which is installed outside the property (we recommend installing it outside but around 80% of our customers either put it in a window ledge or in the attic) this antenna will collect a weak GSM signal from a wide spectrum, this signal is then carried down a cable to a small indoor booster that amplifies the signal... it’s as simple as that.

As soon as you’ve connected the kit (It takes around 15 minutes to set up and comes with everything you need to get going) and switch it on you’ll see your reception bars sky rocket.

From then on, as long as the kit is plugged in you’ll have reception around the property... Guaranteed.

So in order to get started you'll need to choose what kit is right for you.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select the network you want to boost. Remember, it doesn't matter what model of phone you have it only matters what network you're on.

There are only three frequencies that all the UK networks share which are: 900GSM, 1800GSM and 2100GSM

For example.

mobile signal amplifier
Ok, so lets say you need to boost your Vodafone (900GSM) signal then simply click on the Vodafone logo on the homepage and you’ll see a list of all the compatible kits for that network. (O2 also uses the 900GSM frequency any phones on the O2 network will also have their signal boosted by the kit).

But lets say you’re on Vodafone or O2 (900GSM) and your partner is on Orange or TMobile (1800GSM). Well then you will need a kit that boosts both 900GSM and 1800GSM, or as we call it a Dualband kit. This will basically boost both 900GSM and 1800GSM in one kit, however it will not boost 2100GSM or 3Mobile.

Or indeed if you need to boost everything 900GSM, 1800GSM plus 3mobile and 3G then you’ll need a Triband kit.

So now you’ve decided what sort of kit you need then next thing you need to decide is how much coverage you want. They start from 250 sq meters and go up from there. The more you spend the more coverage you’ll get.

It’s worth remembering that our kits are unique to us. We have a strong policy of not selling cheap devices as much like any cheap electrical goods they seldomly live up to their promises.



Reception booster kit unboxing

Remember, if you have any further questions you can always call our helpful team on 0800 098 8515
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