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Vehicle Signal Booster - 2100MHz - Internal Whip Aerial
Boost your 3G signal on the move
When you’re on the go and you need to give your mobile data a boost so you don't miss those important calls or emails than you need our 3G Vehicle Booster. This powerful signal amplifier connects by a coax lead that’s 3 meters long found inside the vehicle. Our booster provides a whip aerial on board which provides a signal that is very clear and strong in the vehicle, providing an enhanced coverage while in areas known for low signals.


The external magnetic mount aerial connects via 3 meter coax lead to the booster unit which is located inside the vehicle. The booster has an on-board whip aerial which re-transmits a strong and clear signal within the interior of the vehicle. This booster kit provides enhanced mobile coverage while traveling in low signal areas.



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car mobile signal booster


The Mobilesignal 3G Vehicle booster kit works by capturing a low external signal using a magentic mount aerial that sits ontop of the vehicle. The three meter cable lead connects this signal intput to the internal booster unit. The booster has a a high output power of 27dBm and 55dB gain. The amplifier output signal is fed to a small whip aerial that connects to the unit and transmits the signal inside the interior of your vehicle.

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Each Vehicle Booster kit comes with the following

  • 2100GSM Vehicle Booster/Amplifier
  • External Dual Band Magnetic-Mount Aerial
  • Internal Whip Aerial
  • 12V DC Car Power Adapter