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4 Way Splitter
Splits your mobile signal 4 ways

The 4-way splitter is designed to "split" the mobile signal from the output of your repeater to up to four indoor coverage antennas. The splitter is perfect for applications that require coverage of up to for different areas with from a single repeater base unit.

The 4-way splitter will divide the signal strength from the repeater output in quarters and feed three indoor coverage antennas which you can locate in different areas.

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You can use the 4-way splitter to divide the signal output from your repeater and feed up to four indoor coverage antennas. You can purchase additional cables to connect your indoor antennas.

The most popular style of indoor coverage antennas for applications with splitters are the omni-directional celiing mount antennas, which can be found here. Installation involves connecting the splitter with a short cable lead to the input of the splitter. The four outputs connect with cable to the indoor coverage antennas.