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All Networks 4G Tri-Band Booster
All UK and Irish Voice plus 3G and 4G - 250 Sq M

The 4G Tri-Band mobile repeater kit is an ideal solution for providing a cost effective improvement in cellular in-building coverage of a home, office, restaurant or buildings up to 250 sq meters.

The 4G Tri-Band works on UMTS1800, 3G and 800MHz 4G frequencies which is by far the most common for UK and European networks. It is designed to improve call and data transmission quality of an area by receiving, amplifying and re-transmitting signals of the base station mast into a specified area up to 250 sq meters and supports up to 75 users. The effective coverage area will depend on the strength of the signal being received by the outdoor antenna. The 4G Tri-Band repeater kit is a complete solution for wireless coverage for all network carriers. This product is simple to install, comes with 100% free technical support and is posted from the UK.

  • UMTS1800, 3G and 4G800MHz Network
  • 65dB gain
  • Coverage up to 250 sq m 
  • supports up to 20 simultaneous users 
  • High gain signal antenna 
  • Works for 2G (Voice calls), 3G & 4G Data For All Networks
  • Money Back Guarantee
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The 4G Tri-Band repeater kit provides a wireless improvement in signal strength to areas that were once affected by poor cellular reception. All devices operating within the frequency range of the repeater will see an improvement in performance. Multiple phones and other handheld devices throughout a building can benefit from a wireless repeater.

With the wireless in-building repeater, you no longer have the inconvenience or time wasted of having to leave the building to receive or make a cellular call. The 4G Tri-Band repeater ensures that your line of communication will always be there. No more missed business calls or loss of sales.

The 4G Tri-Band repeater kit is simple to install. No special tools, test equipment or technical knowledge of your network is required. The repeater is fully adjustable and will fine tune itself as conditions change. The active software is very stable and will thus provide years of trouble free service. Additional indoor antennas can also be deployed to cover larger office areas and working locations. 

The 4G Tri-Band mobile repeater is sold as a complete kit, one price includes all the peripheral items needed for a complete installation. (Outdoor Antenna included). The standard length of cable supplied with this kit is 10m of low-loss LMR400 coax from the outdoor antenna to the main repeater unit. Depending on your specific application we can also custom cut the required lengths of cables needed to complete your installation.

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Each 4G Tri-Band repeater kit comes complete with:

  • External aerial antenna
  • All Networks 4G Tri-Band Booster unit for 2G, 3G & 4G 
  • Indoor rubber whip re-broadcast aerial 
  • 10 meter coax cable for external aerial 
  • Installation manual

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