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Dual Band Panel
Compatible with GSM 900 1800 and 3G Networks

The Dual Band directional panel antenna can be used as either an outdoor direction aerial or for indoor coverage. This is the same style aerial supplied with the Mini and PowerBoost model repeter kits.

The antenna is housed in an all-weather casing. The high gain directional panel is ideal for wall-mount applications. This antenna works the GSM 900, 1800MHz and 3G 2100 network frequencies and is compatible with all UK phone networks.

  • Indoor our outdoor use
  • Compatible with GSM 900/1800/3G Networks
  • Simple wall-mount with bracket
  • Money Back Guarantee
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The directional panel antenna can be used for two applications. It can be easily mounted to a wall or chimney face, pointed in the direction of the closest mobile mast for maximum signal capture.

Alternatively the panel can be used as an indoor coverage antenna when connected to the output signal of your repeater. Since the panel antenn is directional it has a signal different signal pattern than a standard omni-directional aerial that would be supplied with the basic repeater kits.

This antenna is suited to indoor applications where you located the panel at one end of a coverage for a horizontal broadcast pattern inside the building.