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Signal Booster - Frequency Combiner - 900/1800/2100MHz
Connects multiple repeater units together

The MR Tri-Band Frequency Combiner can be used to connect multiple repeater units together to form either a dual band or Tri-Band system using large application repeater units.


This accessory allows you to install separate outdoor aerial for each frequency band i.e. GSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and 3G UMTS 2100MHz and separate repeater units so that you get the maximum signal coverage per frequency band. The combiner is used at the repeater output ports to combine all the signals on to one indoor aerial network.

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For large applications it is better to use separate single band repeater units rather than a single dual-band or tri-band unit because this allows for higher power levels per band and the flexibility to control aerial direction and signal strength for each frequency independently.

The frequency combiner unit will allow you to connect the output signals of any of our industrial repeater units together to for a dual band 900/1800MHz, or a Tri-Band 900/1800/2100MHz coverage network inside the building without having multiple aerials for each frequency band inside the premesis.