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3G Signal Booster - 900/2100MHz - 500 SQM - Easy Install
Coverage up to 500 sq m

The PRO Dual Band GSM 900/3G repeater kit captures and boosts a weak mobile signal through a high gain antenna and amplifier and boosts coverage for areas up to 500 square meters.  This kit is compatible with ALL models of phones.


Our PowerBoost series of mobile phone repeaters will give you guaranteed coverage for your home, office, cabin, warehouse or facility and works with all GSM 900 and 3G data providers.The PRO GSM 900/3G repeater kit comes complete with everything you need to increase signal strength and stop dropped calls. This product is simple to install, comes with 100% free technical support and is posted from the UK.


  • Dual Band GSM 900/3G 2100 60 dB gain
  • Coverage up to 500 sq m
  • High gain signal antenna
  • Supports simultaneous users
  • Works with all GSM 900 and 3G providers
  • Money Back Guarantee
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The PRO GSM 900/3G is designed for medium sized coverage areas up to 500 square meters. The PRO repeater kit has been successfully and easily installed in all types of application areas including homes, basements, offices, warehouses and larger buildings. The installation process involves placement of the external signal or donor antenna, which captures the signal and provides input to the repeater amplifier.

The 60dB gain dual band amplifier increases the signal strength before re-broadcasting a clear and powerful singal inside. Boost bars, extend range and stop dropped calls today!

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The PRO GSM 900/3G repeater kit comes complete with

  • PowerBoost 60dB 900/2100MHz repeater
  • High gain external dual band signal antenna
  • 10 m coaxial cable for connecting donor antenna
  • AC/DC main power supply
  • Installation manual and parts

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