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HiBoost Hi13-3SL


The Hi13-3SL HiBoost triband booster has been manufactured to make a mobile signal better for end users who use it directly. It will cover an indoor area for up to 1000 square meters. Hi-Boost guarantee that it will supply you with a great communication experience. You will have higher mobile data speeds and clearer calls.

All You Need To Know About HiBoost

The HiBoost 3S/3SL/5S Series:  A revolution in the level of mobile signal enhancement.

HiBoost Signal Booster - MR UK

 HiBoost 3S/5S Series is one of the most innovative methods for new mobile signal reception usage at home and at the office.  By using this item, you can constantly enjoy five bars of signal along with a stylish aesthetic design and mobile app.

 The Features Of The HiBoost 3S/3SL/5S Series:

  1.  Inbuilt Antenna

The inbuilt antenna as part of the mobile app means that you do not need to concern yourself with the mounting of an indoor antenna to obtain a mobile signal.  Moreover, the installation of the mobile app is three times faster and simpler than before. All you need to do is opt for a booster position anywhere in the office or home regardless of the indoor antenna location.


  1.  The Mobile App Management

Using this item you can monitor and set up the booster at any time from any location.  It is possible to test the signal strength to find the best position for an outdoor antenna, as well as obtaining detailed data on the mobile network, carrier and serving cell tower.

HiBoost Mobile App - MR UK

Key Features

  • Supports EGSM900, LTE800, and WCDMA2100 MHz.
  • It come wit a real-time LCD display and automatic and manual gain control functions.
  • There is a built-in indoor antenna and both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.
  • Monitoring and set-up is done by a mobile app.
  • Conforms to ETSI&3GPP standards.


Package includes

x Triband Mobile Signal Booster With Built-In Indoor Antenna

x Outdoor Wide Band Directional Antenna

x 50 FT (15.2m) Low - Loss HiBoost 200 Cable 

x 12V/3A, AC/DC Power Supply

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