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HiBoost Hi13-DCS

HiBoost Hi13-DCS

The Hiboost Hi13-DCS home and office wide band booster has been to designed to enhance mobile signal for the end users. The booster covers a range of up to 500 square meters indoor. This mobile booster guarantees improved mobile coverage which leads to a great communication experience, with clear calls and faster mobile data speeds.

Key Features 

  • Supports DCS/LTE 1800 MHz
  • Real time LCD display
  • Manual and automatic gain control funictins
  • High Intergreation
  • Compact and light
  • Good heat dissipation for long time operation
  • Wide power supply range and low power consumption

Package includes

x DCS / LTE mobile signal booster 

x Outdoor wide band panel antenna with 50ft/15.2m low-loss HiBoost200 Cable

x Indoor wide band whip antenna

x 5V/3A, AC/DC power supply

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