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HiBoost Hi13-EGSM

HiBoost Hi13-EGSM

Hi13-EGSM Wide Band Booster is designed to improve mobile signals for end users directly. It covers any indoor area up to 500 square meters and is guaranteed to supply great communication experience with clearer calls and higher data download speed than ever.

Key Features

  • Support 900MHz
  • Real-time LCD display
  • Manual and automatic gain control functions
  • Self-oscillation protection
  • High integration
  • Compact and light
  • Good heat dissipation for long time operation
  • Wide power supply range and low power consumption

Package includes

x Hi13-EGSM

x Outdoor wide band panel antenna with 50ft/15.2m low-loss HiBoost200 Cable

x Indoor wide band whip antenna

x 5V/3A, AC/DC power supply


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