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HiBoost Hi13-LTE800

The Hi13-LTE 800 

The Hi13-LTE800 makes using mobile data a breeze with its reliable upload and download speeds. Bring 4G data transfer to your home or your small office. Enjoy great performance on the go. 

This system uses 4G LTE 800Mhz standards, which are used by all the major mobile operators across Europe. The gain value, 65 dB, is enough to cover an area of about 5,400 sq ft., or up to 500 sq m, which means that you can use it at home, for a small office, or for a cafe or shop. 

This small, elegant device has a user-friendly display, and it is powered by smart software that will auto-adjust your settings to ensure the best performance at all times. 

Get the Best Speeds, Today 

For best performance with the mobile phone booster, you should be looking to use a provider that offers 2-3 bars of signal, minimum, outside your home. The coverage of the device will depend on the design features of the building. 




The AGC and MCG HiBoost is a mobile booster that has an AGC function. This helps to adjust the level of amplification offered, based on the current outdoor signal strength. The AGC booster will not produce noise, and it is well protected against interference from other signals and interference with other operator networks. 

The MGC (Manual gain Control) option allows you to manually control the system gain if required. 

Easy to Read LCD Display 

The mobile booster is equipped with LCD screens which can help to keep watch of the system parameters, including gain and frequency. If there are any issues, then the screen will display a flashing alert. 

The device conforms with all required CE standards, protecting the health and safety of users, as well as the environment. 

The device also complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) rules. The RoHS restricts the use of six particular hazardous substances (Lead, Mercury, hexavalent chromium, Cadmium, Polybrominated biphenyls and Polybrominated diphenyl ether) in electronic equipment. 

Save Your Phone's Battery 

One useful feature of the repeater is that it will enhance the signal in your property, which means that your mobile phone will get a stronger signal and will not need to use as much battery power. 

What are dBm? 

The dBm is an abbreviation for the measure of signal power. It is the power ratio, in decibels, and the higher the dBm rating, the more powerful the signal being spread is. More powerful signals will travel further, and will also be better able to penetrate walls, floors, etc. 


GSM is the network that is used to transmit voice signals. The main frequencies which mobile operators offer calls via in Europe are 900 and 1800Mhz.  GSM 900 Mhz is commonly used all over the country, while 1800 Mhz is more commonly used in cities. 


The WCDMA network is used to transmit 3G data, although in some contries carriers also use the 900 Mhz signal standard for the provision of 3G data transmissions. 


There are three main frequencies used for the provision of 4G data services within Europe. They are 800, 1800 and 2600 Mhz. All three frequencies are frequently used in cities, but we have a long way to go before the proliferation of 4G outside of cities - on any of those frequencies - is widespread. 

Frequency Graph -MR IRE

Package includes

1 x 4G LTE mobile signal booster 

1 x Outdoor wide band panel antenna with 50ft/15.2m low-loss HiBoost200 cable

1 x Indoor wide band whip antenna

1 x 5V/3A, AC/DC power supply

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