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HiBoost Hi20-5S

HiBoost Hi20-5S 

HiBoost Hi20-5S is a mobile phone signal booster that provides a professional way of improving mobile signal coverage!  This is unique equipment that supports 5 signal standards simultaneously (GSM 900+DCS 1800 +WCDMA 2100 + LTE 1800+ LTE 2600 MHz) and provides fast 4G and 3G data. This booster is well suited for all of Europe's mobile operators and those all over the world. 

This mobile booster features high gain (70 dBM) and provides indoor zone coverage of up to 4000 sqm.  The HiBoost Hi20-5S can be applied to all large-scale projects to increase coverage in shopping centers, hotels, restaurant, business center, etc.  

The booster is actually quite stylish and compact, despite all of its great power.  The real-time user-friendly LCD display makes using and installing the system very easy.   

* Keep in mind that to obtain overall signal reception within your local area, you should choose 2 to 3 bars outside of it at least.  The repeater's coverage area will depend as well on the design features of your building or house. * 

Smart Functions on the HiBoost  

The Hi20-5S boost is powered by the ACG intelligent software function. It has the ability to automatically adjust to your area's mobile signal amplification level according to whatever your outdoor signal strength is.  Thanks to the ACG, hardly any noise is produced by the booster and is protected completely from interference coming from operator networks.   

The LCD displays contain a Main Gain Control circuit. This enables you to manually regulate system gain.   

LCD Display  

The LCD screen on this mobile booster helps you keep an eye on the system's current parameters like frequency and gain.  If there are any troubles with the system flashing alarms are displayed.   

C E CE – These are mandatory conformity marks for products that are sold since 1985 in the European Economic Area. It offers proof that your product adheres to EU-wide environmental protection, health, and safety requirements.  

RoHS Compliant RoHS – Six hazardous substances in electronic and electric equipment are restricted by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/ed.  They include Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), and Lead (Pb).      

Longer Life on Mobile Phone Battery  

The extender increases mobile phone battery life and guarantees safe signal enhancement.  When your area's coverage is increased, that results in your mobile device receiving a stronger signal and less is spent on the battery.  

What Is DBM? 

It refers to the power ratio (measured in decibels) of measured power.  A more powerful signal gets to spread the higher the dBm number is.  

Therefore, 13 dBm is not as powerful as 23 dBm.  It not only provides a larger coverage area, but the signal can also go through floors, walls, etc.  

What are LTE, WCDMA, DCS, and GSM?

GSM is a voice signal transmission network.  The two main frequencies that mobile operators deliver calls worldwide and in Europe are 1800 and 900 Mhz.  The major signal standard that is available inside and outside of the city is GSM 900 MHz, while usually, 1800 MHz is an additional one that is used in urban areas mainly 

The WCDMA mobile network transmits 3G data.  In some regions and countries, 3G service is also provided at 900 MHz signal standard by some carriers.   

The mobile standard network 4G LTE is used for high-speed 4G signal data transfers.  In Europe, there are three main 4G frequencies that mobile operators use to deliver 4G data service - 2600, 1800 and 800 MHz. There are all more prevalent in cities. 

Frequency Graph - Mobile Signal Booster

Package includes

x 5 band mobile signal booster 

x Outdoor wide band directional antenna

x 50 ft (15.2m) low-loss HiBoost 200 cable

x 12V/7A, AC/DC power supply

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