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Marine Kit Pro
Range up to 500sq m

Our ALL NETWORK Tri-Band Marine Kit Pro is all you need to ensure you get full phone reception while at sea. This repeater kit is compatible with absolutely all GSM voice and all high speed 3G data networks, meaning you'll also be able to connect to 3G or 4G for sending / receiving emails and surfing the web.

The Tri-Band Marine Kit Pro is compatible with all UK and European mobile phone voice and data networks and effectively provides a strong and reliable signal in parts of the ocean with poor signal. The Tri-Band Kit comes with everything you need to boost coverage in your boat, ship or yacht.

This product is simple to install, comes with 100% free technical support and is posted from the UK.

  • TRI-Band Marine kit Pro GSM 900/1800 + 3G & 4G Data
  • 55dB gain
  • Coverage up to 500 sq m
  • Simple Installation
  • Supports 20 simultaneous users
  • All GSM voice and all 3G networks
  • Money Back Guarantee
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The Tri-Band Marine Kit Pro is designed for universal mobile and 3G & 4G coverage. Unlike our other kits this device will boost ALL europian mobile phone networks including 3G & 4G data.

This low-cost solution will provide coverage on all three GSM bands simultaneously for areas up to 500 square meters range.

Installation of the Tri-Band Marine Kit Pro is simple and takes just minutes. Just mount the external aerial antenna and connect to the repeater input port. At the output of the repeater connect the indoor coverage antenna then connect the power. For best performance the external aerial should be mounted high up on the boat, ship or yacht.

marine mobile repeater

boost GSM strength

The Tri-Band marine kit pro comes complete with:

  • Tri-Band Marine Repeater Amplifier
  • External Tri-Band signal aerial
  • 18" Powermax global antenna (9dB gain)
  • Indoor high gain tir-band panel antenna
  • 10 m coax to connect to repeater
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Easy to follow installation manual