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Mobile GPRS terminal Signal Booster
Signal booster for mobile payment machine

Does your business use a Mobile GPRS machine to take payments from customers?  If so you you may find yourself or your staff running around trying to find that signal sweet spot or do the payments take a long time to connect or perhaps the transactions may even dropout all together.


Well the good news is those days could be over with our Mobile GPRS terminal signal booster.


Our Payment terminal booster will come in a handy portable case for anyone who wants to take payments in various locations with low signal. Why potentially loose that important sale because of a low signal. With our Payment terminal booster that we guarantee that after you've spent a few minutes setting it up all your payments will instantly process with no hiccups.


Please note: This kit will ALSO boost Orange, Tmobile , Vodafone, Virgin, O2, EE mobile phone signals.

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The GPRS Mobile Terminal Booster kit is designed to ensure your transactions process quckly and smoothly

GPRS Payment terminal booster

The Terminal booster enhances signal strength to your payment terminal machine by capturing a weak signal through via an antenna which is connected to a booster, the booster will then broadcast a strong reliable signal thats been collected from the antenna.  

The kit comes shipped with a standard UK power adaptor but if you want a cigarette lighter power lead please let us know in the order comments during the checkout process.

The GPRS Mobile Terminal Booster kit is a low cost solution to provide a reliable GPRS signal for areas up to 250 square meters depending on the antenna input signal.

Installation of the kit is simple and takes just minutes. Simply mount the external aerial antenna and connect to the repeater input port. At the output of the repeater connect the indoor coverage antenna then connect the power.

For best performance the external aerial should be mounted in the location with the strongest signal strength. The effective coverage area of the unit depends on the input signal provided from this antenna.

The payment terminal booster kit comes complete with:

  • GPRS Repeater Amplifier
  • External small antenna
  • Portable carry case
  • One years warranty
  • 15 Day money back guarantee
  • 10 m coax to connect to repeater
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Easy to follow installation manual