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Signal Booster - Outdoor Omni - Easy Install
Ideal for non static applications

The Outdoor Omni aerial is ideal for applications where the booster kit will be subject to repositioning.

Since this aerial is omn-directional, it does not need to be oriented towards a particular base station. The aerial will pick up signal from all directions and should be mounted as high as possible for best results. This aerial is particularily popular for marine applications in boats and yachts as well as mobile vehicle applicaitons in caravans and trucks.

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The outdoor omni is a low gain aerial and non-directional. If your outdoor signal level is less than 3 bars we do not recommend using this aerial.

If you have a low outdoor signal please purchase the MR Yagi aerial instead which is directional and higher gain.

The MR Outdoor Omni will perform best where there is a minimul 3 bar outdoor signal level and when coverage is required on multiple networks. If you have any questions about this product or its use please feel free to Contact Us.