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Signal Booster - Five Band - 500 SQM

Voice | 3G | 4G Fast Data

The Penta band is designed to improve mobile signals for end users directly. It covers any indoor area up to 500 square meters and is guaranteed to supply great communication experience with clearer calls and higher data download speed than ever.

The Penta band is a revolutionary solution for improvement of mobile signal reception. The equipment is unique on the market as it supports 5 frequency bands at a time - GSM 900+DCS 1800 +WCDMA 2100 + LTE 800+ LTE 2600 MHz. As a result, the repeater provides both smooth voice and speedy 3G and 4G services.

MRE501 has a gain value of 65 dB and is suitable for areas up to 500 sq m/ ≈ ft. The system will be perfect for 1 or a few rooms, an apartment, studio, office, house, garage, basement, etc.

The repeater comes small, elegant and with real-time LCD display for super easy maintenance.

Key Features

  • Support 900,1800,2100,800 and 2600MHz
  • Real-time LCD display
  • Manual and automatic gain control functions
  • Self-oscillation protection
  • High integration
  • Compact and light
  • Good heat dissipation for long time operation
  • Wide power supply range and low power consumption

Package includes

1 x Penta Band GSM/2G +3G +4G/LTE mobile repeater

x Outdoor standard panel antenna

x Indoor whip antenna

x 10-meter coaxial cable to connect to repeater

x Power supply

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