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Signal Booster - Yagi High Gain Antenna - 900/1800/2100MHz
GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / 3G 2100

The MR Yagi high gain antenna increases the signal received by the repeater and is compatible with all of our products. This improves coverage area and signal quality by capturing a stronger input signal.

  • GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / 3G 2100 
  • 7/9/1212 dBi Gain 
  • Works for all models 
  • Money Back Guarantee
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The Yagi antenna is an optional upgrade for your repeater kit. This proudct is designed to increase signal strength and extend coverage of the standard repeater kit by capturing a stronger input signal for the repeater through a higher gain external aerial. The extra gain from the yagi antenna results in better overall system performance.

The Yagi antennas come with mounting equipment to attach the antenna to any 20-40mm diameter pipe. The antenna should be pointed towards the nearest mobile phone mast. This is done quite easily by rotation the antenna till you get the best performance (we can also provide maps of the masts in your area).